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        Jun 05, 2013

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Site NEWS: Says Goodbye

        May 11, 2011

To all those that have stood by me,

     Although my love for the Harry Potter franchise and the trio will never fade, I have decided it is time to say goodbye to This is the hardest decision I have ever made since I started working on this website at the ripe age of 14. Almost 7 years later, I will soon be graduating college and working towards my career goals. It is not fair to keep you, the loyal visitors, hanging onto something I can no longer give my full attention to. I have worked so hard to make HPT better and it disappoints me to see it deteriorate over the years.

     I would like to thank all of you for visiting the website even during the roughest times. You guys are the only reason has survived for so long. Without all of you, would have closed long ago.

     Special Thanks: To Claire and, thank you for believing in this website and giving me the chance to become the best Trio website out there. To Jess, who saved from being homeless. To Marc, for all the help. To Tess and Liz, without whom the website would never have been created. To Juliet at, you have helped me more than you could imagine. Thank you to our top affiliates (,,,,,,,, and Oclumencia, who are true friends. To every website that has ever linked, thank you for making this the #1 Trio website. I wish you all the best.

     Most of all, I would like to thank Daniel, Emma, and Rupert for their gracefulness and talent on and off screen as actors and as genuinely good people. They never cease to amaze me. Thank you to JK Rowling for bringing them together. Harry, Ron, and Hermione have taught us more about friendship than she could ever imagine.

     I cannot say it enough, thank you and I will never forget what you all have done for me.

     As we prepare for the end, there will be no updates to the website other than this page. All content and material will be removed on the release of the final Harry Potter film, July 15th 2011. This includes every picture, page, article, etc. The only exception will be this goodbye letter which will remain until closing day. will officially close on the last day of 2011, December 31st.

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Emma NEWS:

   People Tree Catalog!

        Feb 22, 2010

     People Tree has updated their website with Emma Watson's fashion collection, "Love From Emma"! Look through the catalog for beautiful pictures of Emma (and her brother, Alex) as well as some great quotes about the collection.

Click here to see a whole page on the project.

Thanks so much to Emma Watson Italia for the beautiful scans! I shrunk them down to 2000 pixels, but they have even larger scans.

Source: Emma Watson Italia

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Rupert NEWS:

   Keech Hospice Care Donation

        Feb 22, 2010

     Rupert Grint donated his own artwork to raise funds for Keech Hospice Care. The charity provides support to terminally ill patients. The butterfly painting will be displayed at Stockwood Discovery Centre in Luton from March 1st through the 29th. The auction to take place on eBay from March 19 - 28. Here's a comment made by Laura Devine:

“We have been overwhelmed by the generous response of so many celebrities. We are delighted Rupert has chosen to support his local hospice charity, especially because many of the children we care for are big fans of the Harry Potter star. Rupert’s masterpiece features many faces inside the butterfly’s wings, each with their own quirky expression and unique character – a true Harry Potter creation that will have the fans thrilled!”

Source: RGN

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Emma NEWS:

   Burberry Spring/Summer 2010

        Jan 22, 2010

     Emma Watson looks fantastic as she continues modeling for Burberry. Some recent photos and videos have been released for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2010 collection. She looks WONDERFUL alongside other models and even her brother, Alex. Here's a video she made for her fans about the campaign.

More Videos!
Campaign Commentary
Behind the Scenes

WWD Article

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Daniel NEWS:

   Stephen Fry Video Tribute

        Jan 22, 2010

          Daniel Radcliffe participated in the Special Recognition Award at the National Television Awards 2010. The award honored British actor, writer, and comedian Stephen Fry.

Watch the video tribute here.

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Rupert NEWS:

   Cherrybomb Gets Distribution from Universal Pictures UK

        Jan 22, 2010 reports that Cherrybomb will be distributed by Universal Pictures UK later this year! Congrats to Rupert and everyone who worked on the film.

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