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ID Name E-mail URL Country How do you feel about the Trio?
714 Michaela @ www Cameroon They're great role models for just about anyone.
715 Ayaka S - www Japan they are amazing and BEST in this world! anyway, i really really REALLY love them soooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
716 Caro - www Germany mor than words can say
717 Rowena @ www Zambia Its very inspiring becoz thy r rily amazing pipo.
718 Chloe Airey @ www United Kingdom i think its amazing
719 Piyush Kale - www India Best
670 Bonnie Wright Brasil Staff - www Brazil -
671 Nisa Zafirah @ www Indonesia I love U full
672 Ryan @ www Brazil -
673 Alex - www Australia I think that they are wonderful people who use their influence on the wider community in a very positive way :)
674 Helen Chang - www USA I absolutely love them. They're amazing and they're friendship is definitely something I envy.
675 Ana Andrade @ www Brazil Im a big fan of Harry, Ron and Hermione, and i admire a lot Dan, Rupert and Emma for their work.
676 Neha Ann @ www Saudi Arabia they r reallly coooooooooooooooooool
677 Juliana Caiado Machado @ www Brazil I Love them three :)
678 Clara @ www USA They are a gift from heaven!
679 Ashley @ www USA The Trio shows us that it is okay to be human. The three are truly beautiful characters who teach us about life as they live their own. I love them deeply and sometimes it seems that they are almost real people. You know these people in your community. Th
680 Alexandra - www USA J'adore :)
681 Princy Noela Antonisamy @ www India Fantabulous
682 Ana Luíza Ferreira @ www Brazil They are simply perfect!
683 Leann Weiner - www USA -
684 Amrita Raj - www India Amazing,cute&so SWEET
685 Sana @ www Pakistan it great
686 Chloé @ www France hopeful !
687 Diani Charlotte @ www Indonesia they are is awsome
688 Madi @ www USA they are amazing
689 Breanna - www USA I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM. :p
690 Hazel @ www USA They're so inspirational. If I hadn't grown up with them in my life, I'd probably not be the same person I am now.
691 Aleksandra @ www Poland -
692 Samantha - www USA -
693 Bar @ www Czech Republic Red Trio are the best representatives of a novel by the world.
694 Diana Hanson @ www USA Amazing!
695 João Paulo @ www Brazil Muiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiito Feliz
696 Olcia2812 - www Poland -
697 Megumi "mia" Okawa - www USA Amazingly blessed actors! ;)
698 Amanda M Gagne @ www USA amazing
699 Dawn - www USA -
700 Gime - www Uruguay I'm gonna miss them when they finish with Harry Potter.
701 Chloe @ www USA Harry POtter actually brings me genuine happiness. I've watched every play and movie any of the trio has made. God Bless.
702 Hyusi @ www Bahamas it's so cool!!!
703 Michelle Sardi - www Venezuela amezing i love them
704 Daniel @ www USA I feeling happy
705 Mahapotter @ www Egypt IT WILL BE GREET
706 Khairani Inonu @ www Indonesia spectacular..!
707 Butterscotch - www Qatar They're amazing! :D
708 Dominika @ www Poland I feel they are just amaizing people and great actrors.
709 Terri Dee Pfister @ www USA they are so awesome
710 Jem Stone @ www United Kingdom They are fantastic in anything they do
711 Houssem Farhi @ www Algeria I think they're really great, they're young and successful which makes them one of those few people that you can look at and say that's how i wanna be when i grow up
712 Tania Martínez Aparicio @ www Peru Admire of their humilty
713 Clara @ www France -
653 Sandra @ www Poland -
654 Audrey @ www USA I think they're great as individuals and even better when they work togther. I absoloutly love them and will support them in whatever they do.
655 Jhenny @ www Brazil Eu os amo mas do que TUDO
656 Teresa Brangers @ www USA I love the trio!!
657 Lorena - www Brazil I really love this trio.I have a very great admiration and great love for them, especially for people and great professionals they really are.They are much more than movie stars to me.
658 Miranda - www Brazil Simplesmente tudo.
659 Carla - www Spain I love everything they do
660 Megan Oliver - www USA I love them. I think they are absolutely amazing together!
661 Marinell @ www Philippines love
662 Brian Holmes @ www Scotland there all great! =)
663 Caro - www Germany I love them! So brilliant!
664 Momo @ www Syria awsome
665 Jennifer @ www Australia i love them
666 Jana @ www Slovenia They are so cool
667 Bhagya @ www Sri Lanka Marvellous! Wanna meet them together!
668 Que @ www China good
669 Cleah @ www United Kingdom -
652 Glenn - www Philippines fantastic!
651 Fiction To Film @ www USA We should all be so lucky in life to have such loyal friends - even if they are fictional :)
638 Kristin Williams @ www USA I think it's Exciting
639 Rory - www USA This is a great way to start a great thing!
640 Ivett @ www Hungary Oh. I like HP Trio.
641 Zophy @ www Singapore Brilliant
642 Tyler Debord @ www USA They all seem pretty cool and funny and really fun to be around
643 Tjaša Vranetič @ www Slovenia I simply love them.
644 Nadia @ www Greece -
645 Elizabeth Guild @ www USA I love them!!
646 Wlajky @ www Serbia -
647 Lile - www Georgia -
648 Pamela @ www Malaysia -
649 Mehek @ www India cool
650 Gil Roller @ www Israel They are the best! I love them so much!
625 Kimberly Schwarzbold @ www Brazil -
626 Mariana @ www Brazil muito bem
627 Assia - www Italy They are the best
628 Perla @ www France They are the most fantastics in the world
629 Priyanka Dyah Setiorini - www Indonesia i love them veerrrryyy mucho! esp.dan!
630 Amanda @ www Brazil -
631 Emiliana Maia - www Brazil The trio's my life!
632 Diana Morais @ www South Africa -
633 Sharon @ www Germany -
634 Abril - www USA cool
635 Maria Zeece @ www USA They are SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
636 Sylvia - www Indonesia Exceptional
564 Sara - www Canada They've grown up together and are talented in what they do. I think they'll be friends forever. They've kept their heads and really support each other.
565 Natalia @ www Mexico I love them ... what else is there to say? They have a bond that would not be broken even if they were enemies.
566 Nadia Wahika @ www Indonesia You can really see the chemistry between these three--no matter if it's on-set or off-set.
567 Sydney @ www USA They are alla amazing. I love their friendship!
568 Emily - www USA These three young actors are amazing and I am excited to see what they do in the future.
569 Chelsea Harvey @ www USA I love them!
570 Rizza Joyce Toh - www England proud
571 Paris Michael Reyes - www England very proud
572 Siti - www Malaysia love them
573 Tayse Ubríaco - www Brazil They're amazing.
574 Jordanzaio @ www USA They are the best thing that happend :D
575 Bruna Guerreiro - www Brazil totaly in love!
576 Farzaneh - www Iran they're amazing...
577 Laura @ www Brazil is so AMAZING
578 Courtney @ www Canada They're remarkable - very grounded for having grown up in such a huge spotlight. Very good actors as well - I love seeing them branching out more from HP.
579 Lily @ www Italy i really love them, they're so amazing
580 Dan @ www United Kingdom There Excellent
581 Alex @ www USA They are awesome
582 Mavis @ www China -
583 Swati Chauhan @ www India its fantastic
584 Ingrid Oliveira @ www Brazil I love them so much
585 Safira @ www India they r best,Rock n rule My Life...
586 Tyler Debord @ www USA i like them a lot. i love the way the act.
587 Laura Spatz @ www USA I LOVE THEM
588 Sarah - www USA i feel that they are great together and very loyal to one another and they will be friends forever after the movies are done.
589 Brooke - www USA their amazing!!!
590 Amber Ilyas @ www Pakistan i feel abt Trio that dis website iz very gud
591 Júlia Rezende @ www Brazil -
592 Mel @ www Germany -
593 Adina @ www Czech Republic I love their unbelievably, beautiful and real friendship.
594 Jenny - www USA Rupe, Em, and Dan are to awesome for words :)
595 George Squilla @ www USA they are awesome
596 Patricia Fernandes - www Portugal I just love them! They are amazing
597 Erika @ www Colombia i feel happy xd
598 Johnny @ www USA i think its a realy realy good idea
599 Rayanne - www USA Beyond amazing, the three of them.
600 Esna - www Taiwan -
601 Megan - www United Kingdom I adore them all - Emma is so beautiful and talented, Rupert is such a funny guy, and Daniel is amazing. Couldnt love them more!
602 Celina Vega - www USA I think they are all very talented and seem like wonderful people to be around. All 3 are very grounded and don't let the fame get to their heads which i love so much!
603 Joshua @ www Australia hehe, i really relaly like all three of them. they are really amazing people, and amazing actors/actress's
604 Jazmine Lopez @ www Mexico I think they are amazing people
605 Emily - www USA I think they're really cool and really down to earth. They're not like most celebrities, they're just normal people.
606 Carlos @ www Spain they are the best actors on earth , and the best of the is that they are normal , they are so humil and nice , with their fans their so humil and nice too and all other great things about they are undescriptable............
607 Ági @ www Hungary They are fantastic!!
608 Miki @ www China -
609 Abby - www USA They are 3 of the most beautiful people, inside and out, that I think I've ever seen.
610 Alia Abdul Amer @ www Iraq proud of them
611 Mr_mofin @ www USA bery good
612 Adrianne @ www Czech Republic From Harry Potter movies and another websites
613 Mathilda @ www Netherlands They're very nice and cool !!!
614 Miles Freeston @ www United Kingdom Happy
615 Luke Mcshane @ www United Kingdom they're amazing
616 Tiffani Yager @ www USA Love them!
617 Sara @ www Belgium I really love them
618 Amanda - www USA They're the most amazing teen actors I've ever seen. None of that Disney crap, these three are quality, hardworking young adults with a passion for their work. I am proud to be a huge fan of them.
619 Tween @ www Poland -
620 Holly Boyd-Knowles - www Canada They are made of awesome
621 Evie @ www Czech Republic -
622 Daniel @ www Ukraine The most remarkable jung People of nowadays
623 Alia @ www Egypt Love them
624 Noelia - www Puerto Rico Role Models
559 Monika - www Slovenia They are great, love all of them (:
560 Anja - www Slovenia They're the best.
561 Kayla - www USA I love them dearly.
562 Adnan Sharif @ www Bangladesh I love them. They are perfect together.
563 Alissa @ www Canada They are such a supportive group.
550 Alison - www USA They are amazing. They stick together through everything.
551 Like Evanna @ www Brazil I love Harry, Ron and Hermione.
552 Sara Jabeen @ www Pakistan I just LOVE them! They rock!
553 Jessika Mccowan @ www USA I really, really, really, love the Trio!!!
554 Sarah @ www USA -
555 Izumi - www Japan They're amazing and inspirational.
556 Nancy @ www USA this trio is awesome!.
557 Sevde - www France I think they're brilliant actors. They work hardly to do good things on the films, and they make lots of people happy. We love them. Bravo!! Les Français vous aime (French people love them)
558 Suzy @ www France -
520 Ciaran Murphy @ www Ireland I think they're great acotrs.
521 Brenda @ www England they're my life.
522 Sweetie @ www Thailand cool
523 Pathan Asmatkhan.m. @ www India amaizng
524 Nav Prabhat @ www India They look gr8 together... Awesome TRIO!!!
525 Harry Potter Forums @ www Philippines Their acting was great and I think they continue to support the fans.
526 Mariana Basilio @ www Brazil they are very modest, and this is a quality that I really admire.
527 Juliana - www Brazil the best and most incredible of the world ... I love this trio ..
528 André - www Brazil -
529 Lea - www England well,they are just there brilleant people! and i recpect them very much!
530 Naia @ www Syria -
531 Hannah C @ www United Kingdom They're amazing actors/actress and they inspire many to follow their hard-worn footsteps
532 Daniella Almeida @ www Brazil i love them.
533 Kalina @ www Poland -
534 Hilda Priscila Da Silva @ www Brazil They are absolutely amazing. I'm very proud of their work. They are so talented.
535 Mikaella Joaquin @ www Philippines They make a PERFECT team.
536 Jecca @ www Philippines Thier friendship is really unbreakable.
537 Jenny P. @ www USA I Love All Three
538 Mrinalini Singh @ www India i think the movie series could never have got a trio better than this.
539 Juli - www Hungary I love the trio but especially Rupert, Emma and Daniel!!!
540 Jack @ www United Kingdom Theyre so talented, and emma is gorgeous.
541 Carlikas - www Brazil I love the Trio, they are the best!
542 Jess - www United Kingdom I Love Them
543 Wing Cheng @ www Hong Kong very fascinating
544 Luan Sousa @ www Brazil I feel excited, i feel happyness, i feel energy, i feel love, i feel everything. I think they really are incredible.
545 Charlotte - www Malaysia Gorgeous
546 Marty @ www Bulgaria They are amazing!
547 Alexis - www USA Their friendship is amazing.
548 Giordana Maciel @ www Brazil they are beautiful
549 Patty @ www New Zealand They're the best ever! They've grown on me like an undetected virius. haha... I just wish them a happy future!
496 Mohamed Elsayeh - www Egypt great
497 Titash @ www India They are just so FABULOUS I love them!
498 Michalayyy - www USA They are amazing and inspiring.
499 Juley Josine Monsales @ www Philippines fun and nice..
500 Sunia - www Pakistan superb!!!
501 Tylor - www USA i LOVE them. my life wouldn't be have as good without them. I owe them everything.
502 Taylor M. @ www USA i've loved them from the start. they're amazing!
503 Rebeca Adrega @ www Brazil Happy
504 Diletta Shakespeare @ www Greece Awe and admiration.
505 Sondos Hameeda @ www Jordan very happy about it...nice
506 Ahmad @ www Jordan i love it
507 Lara De Mendonça @ www Brazil They are the heroes of a entire generation. They're the best exemples of good behaviour, big heart and true friendship!
508 Hermione Granger - www United Kingdom Sooooooo Happy
509 Michelle - www USA The trio has been a very big part of my life. Their movies and friendship helped me through a very difficult time. I think they are fantastic role models and I think they are absolutely fabulous!!
510 Lauren Dowsett @ www United Kingdom Down to earth, brilliant actors!
511 Lara - www Brazil -
512 Stefanie @ www Brazil they're just amazing
513 Kathy Evans @ www USA -
514 Justin @ www USA good
515 Michael Sito @ www Philippines great
516 Ellen @ www Indonesia i feel so happy they're a really good friends
517 Nisreen @ www United Kingdom Love them!
518 Mitko Mitrevski @ www Macedonia two words: T H E Y R O C K !
519 Anthony @ www France In love
472 Emily - www England They are three amazing people with a beautiful friendship and amazing talent that all three of them share.
473 Beau @ www Netherlands I think if they wouldn't exist than harry potter wouldn't woudn't
474 Nanagi_hodore @ www Turkey -
475 Rachel @ www China curious
476 Stormy @ www USA IT IS SO COOL
477 Evanna @ www Malaysia They are AWESOME!!!
478 Luis Guilherme Goulart @ www Brazil everything
479 Ashley @ www Canada They're an amazing bunch of young adults who are just like us but so much more.
480 Ron - www USA they're great. i lovem
481 Der @ www USA I love all 3 of them!
482 Taty - www Brazil They are the best. It's rare to see co-stars getting along so well, and they are like brothers. They really rock my world!
483 Jana - www Belgium SUPER!they are great
484 Gabriel @ www Brazil -
485 Arun @ www India ITZ VERY AMAZING TRIO
486 Ana Carolina @ www Brazil Fine, i think.
487 Mariana @ www Brazil I love they so much!!!!!
488 Kate @ www USA google daniel name
489 Bronwyn @ www USA The trio is the epitome of friendship and loyalty. We should all be as lucky in life to find friends who are with us until the end...literally!
490 Jessica @ www USA Well, I love them of course.
491 Pia - www Uruguay I love them! I would like them to do a movie together beside Harry Potter, but I also want to see them on different movies. They work excelent together and apart :)
492 Leticia @ www Brazil I just love them ! they are my inspiration.
493 Eva @ www Greece They are the best!
494 *vanessa* - www France -
495 Daria Saharova @ www Russia they are so cute together.)they are amazing!!
457 Cherr @ www USA I absolutly love them! Rupert is funny and hot also interesting, Emma is very sweet and cool, and Daniel so funny! Together they will rule the world!!!!!!!!!!
458 Amy C - www Australia -
459 Lindsay Platt @ www USA They are awesome!
460 Gaby @ www Singapore They are nice, great friendship they have which make people to envy and support them. All the way!
461 Judy @ www Syria Awesome, they are a great group
462 Linda @ www Netherlands Great that all three of them are still in the movies^^
463 Danemmarock @ www Australia they r jus 2 gud,, wonderful,, i luv the trio !!!!!!!
464 Laure - www France Love them separately and admire their friendship whatever happens
465 Jess @ www USA LOVE THEM!!!
466 Chocolat @ www Canada -
467 Shar @ www USA they are all amazing and wonderful role models to everyone :)
468 Riley - www England I absolutely love the trio!
469 Stormy @ www USA it is so all some and it is so cool
470 Teresa Garcia @ www USA The trio is awesome!!!!! I love them soooo much!
471 Josie O'brien @ www USA FANTABULOUS!!!
447 Estell - www Ukraine -
448 Renata @ www Brazil They are my life. I can give my life to make they happy! Always when I wake up, the first thing that I remember, is they! And this is fantastic! =)
449 Alex @ www USA Their Awesome
450 Gaven @ www USA They Rock
451 Ana @ www Portugal Like friends who've been with us for a long time, and will never be fotgotten...
452 Muñ3cad3hi3lo @ www Spain -
453 Daniela @ www Portugal I wish them the best!
454 Caitlin - www Australia I love them, sometimes the don't get the respect that they deserve from other people though.
455 Lili - www Canada Their Fantastic!!!
456 Aida @ www Sweden I love them! And I have done for about 6 years ;)
431 Kamran @ www Azerbaijan this is very big trio in the world!
432 Natália - www Brazil They are simply amazing, they are a perfect trio, and I've always dreamed to be part of this group. I LOVE THEM.
433 Melissa @ www USA All very talented, and their real life friendship really comes through on the screen.
434 Courtknee Renee - www USA it's so weird that the books are over, which means the trio is too, in fictional life. but in real life, the trio will live on forever.
435 Debby Gyles - www Belgium they are the best ever, just fantastic!
436 Petu.ems @ www Czech Republic Love them!!
437 Elle @ www Poland I love them! They are extraordinary people!
438 Camilla @ www Sweden They stand for eternal friendship. All of them are so down to earth and ambitious people. That's what makes them my role-models.
439 Milagros Herrera @ www Peru I really like them, Dan is so outgoing, funny and talkative, I love him!--- Rupert doesnt speak to much, very smart with his comments... I just adore him--- and Emma, she is extremly beautiful... she could become a COUTURE model!!!
440 Nick @ www Philippines PtFNjjUWIhJ
441 Mimmii @ www Finland Love them
442 Callum - www United Kingdom I love them
443 Ohara @ www Australia love them all ^^
444 Carmen @ www USA There awsome and you can so notice the effort they put in the HP series.
445 Michuw @ www Chile They are Awesome! but mostly Rupes ^^
446 Heather D. - www USA LOVE THEM TO BITS!!!!!!!!!
418 Sakura - www Singapore Perfect!
419 Caroline Fernanda Dos Santos Machado @ www Brazil Um exemplo.Eles são talentosos, bonitos, fofos...São a minha paixão desde que os "conheci"(que os assisti)!!
420 Mirusik @ www Slovakia I love Harry Potter trio
421 Dani - www USA -
422 Ninja - www Czech Republic -
423 Tamica @ www Canada -
424 Joanna - www USA -
425 Vanessa Dias @ www Brazil they are beautiful together, hopefully not split ever!
426 Ziarajh Silvestre @ www Philippines They are good
427 Xeyrfrvvmdq @ www Swaziland LtZQDTvuTA
428 Nossa @ www Libya they are the best of the best abouve of the rest
429 Sara - www Kuwait it's a great idea ..}}
430 Marianne @ www Philippines they're cool.i admire they're friendship.
399 Cason Mcdermott @ www USA I Love them all!
400 Sehar @ www Pakistan they are mindblowing
401 Lara Mendonça @ www Brazil They are everything to me. They've changed my life so deeply. I couldn't survive without them.
402 Kyndra @ www USA They're the best thing since ice cream.
403 Treelhs - www China Good
404 Liza @ www USA their amazing
405 Radhika @ www India the trio is GREAT! they seem to be perfect frnds and they all are amazing! rupert, emma and dan are really kool!
406 Majka @ www Netherlands -
407 Kristiane @ www Germany Theyre amazing .! .
408 Ice @ www Netherlands Love them!
409 Cristina Elizabeth Milagres De Almeida @ www Brazil They are incredible, "the fantastic three"!
410 Erika Németh @ www Hungary love them!
411 Evanz @ www Malaysia Cool and Awesome!
412 Ana - www Portugal -
413 Emma @ www USA They just work together sooo magically
414 Annie - www USA Wow. I mean I fell in love with the books when I was little but they really bring as sort of energy to the movies. As many others have said, their real-life friendship really shows in the movies and it makes the movies even more enjoyable.
415 Christine - www USA They are all talented in their own ways. Their acting will never be forgotten, and they themselves will never be forgotten! I just love them. :)
416 Kimberly - www USA -
417 Silvia Mirandeborde @ www Argentina Best trio ever! Love them sooo much, they changed my life :)
391 Chessy - www Italy a lover since 2000
392 Elsa @ www Finland Love them
393 Ana Miguel Mendes @ www Portugal The Trio is amazing! They are great actors an they have a fantastic future waiting for them.
394 Kat Balayan @ www Philippines i love them!
395 Natalie - www England I thihnk they're truely awsome!
396 Mady @ www Germany I love they!!
397 Danielle @ www Canada They're agreat bunch of kids who have never let the pressure of being famous get to them which is great. They're great at what they do and i know they have a bright future ahead of them.
398 Aude @ www Belgium love them
385 Ice-Cream Man Fansite Australia @ www Australia I love the trio, love rupe and emma the most!
386 Kayla @ www USA i think that they are a really great
387 Lisa G. - www Denmark Love them, always thought they were the right choise for the Potter trio. Never thought about any of them that they where a wrong choice for the Potter roles. I've since seen Dan and Rupert in other movies and they are just as great. I hope to see Emma in
388 Nicole Mae - www USA Where do I start? The trio - for me, have basically been around since I was a younger kid. They're friendship stands out to me so strongly.
389 Ali Gennosa @ www USA They are phenominal
390 Pooja @ www India they are the best
383 Ginny - www Japan They are fantastic!
384 Danielle - www USA They rock! It's so funny that they can ACT like they're mad at each other, when they're really friends!
382 Devito @ www Chile They're the best! Their chemestry is so great, they're unique, each one can bright for themself, but how trio they're really cool!!! Emma is so amazing! I love her!!
375 Ujrpnqacpp @ www Hong ujrpnqacpp
376 Weasleyobsessed - www United Kingdom They are awsome
377 Steve Charles @ www USA Jubilant
378 Alex @ www USA There Fantastic
379 Nichola @ www England i love them and want them to have thier privacy!
380 Ginevra @ www Australia I think they're down to earth and have a great chemistry
381 Lizzie @ www Czech Republic They are just awsome and lovely i just loved them
371 Saeb Msarwa @ www Israel Love, they get power together
372 Leticia Carvalho @ www Brazil Love them!
373 Felipe Andrade - www Brazil I Love them!!! Specially Emma!!! (Eu amo eles!!! Especialmente Emma)
374 Jocelyn @ www USA Rupert,Emma and Daniel are the BEST!!!
370 Brian - www Canada Best thing to come along in a long time
367 Jasmine @ www USA i LOVE them. Mostly Dan
368 Cathy @ www Australia -
369 Sara - www Italy I love them. They are a great and wounderful team.
364 Andreea Boje - www Romania i love them
365 Sabrina Dianne @ www Philippines they are sooooooo awesome.....
366 Sophie - www England They are awesome and should be supported with whatever they decide to do with their lives.
363 Michelle Santiago @ www Canada I just love and adore them all. They are one of my inspirations in life.
362 Ana @ www Portugal -
361 Katie - www USA I love how they're really close with each other, they also have great chemestry on screen.
360 D@4a @ www Russia Wonderful
355 Eva @ www Netherlands they are all great, I really would like to meet them, I think they're all so nice, not diva-like because they are really famous.
356 Kailey @ www USA they are SPLENDID and WONDERFUL people!
357 Monica @ www Mexico Emma is very cool, Dan is very funny and Rupert is beatiful
358 Paula - www Ireland -
359 Keresha - www Jamaica I am proud and inspired by all three of them
352 Vaishna @ www Malaysia i'm juz in awe coz d trio r using their influences n fame for the best which is to help n dats one of the best ways to get people all around the work to come together to support RED..
353 Erika - www USA I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!
354 Megan @ www USA I love that Rupert, Emma, and Dan are pretty much the only teens in the spotlight that we can look up to that do not get wasted in hollywood parties. I love that they are very down-to-earth kind of people.
348 Bibiana @ www Singapore They're so amazing, so talented, they deserve all the love they can get! :D
349 Zoe @ www USA I love the chemistry they have both on-screen and off. It'll be interesting to see how their relationship keeps them together when the Harry Potter films are over.
350 Jessica Petty @ www Bahamas great
351 Rebbeca - www England they are totally amazing actors, very very talented
346 Isabelanogueira - www Brazil Me sinto tão próxima deles... Mesmo não os conhecendo!!
347 Angel Eads - www USA I love them all =D
344 Payal Patel - www Canada A BOND that will NEVER break.
345 Débora Soares @ www Brazil I love them all =D
343 Bee @ www Slovakia I love them! It is simply! They are really great! This is real friendship and love too :)
336 Susanna @ www United Kingdom The Trio are great!!! =]
337 Jordan - www USA I different about each of them. But to the whole Trio their Awsome
338 Bell - www Uruguay -
339 Adam Strickland @ www USA They Are Awesome
340 Lyndsay @ www Ireland they are class!!!
341 Flrnydafso @ www Mozambique flrnydafso
342 Marlene Serrano @ www Mexico I love the union that they have in the book, his friendship. Likewise I adore the actors.
335 Aurélie @ www Belgium -
332 Marie @ www Norway I love them ! To me they symbolize something great, a strong friendship and to abuse it is awful. I grew up with these people !
333 Mag @ www Indonesia They are really great. Perfect for each other. Their friendship is boundless, they stick together through everything. Love it.
334 Emma Watson Fansite Australia @ www Australia they are just awesome
330 Emma Online @ www USA They are awesome
331 Silvana @ www Colombia -
326 Shoka - www Japan Awesome Actors and Actress!! I love guys.
327 Jordan Holibaugh @ www USA I feel very proud of what they have done.Daniel is so cool and a great actor he really is a good role model for the young.Rupert is also great actor he very funny.He too is a good role model for the young. Emma is a very engetic person and a great actress
328 Krystal - www Canada They are my absolute favourite actors/actress! I love them! So much i cant put it into words!
329 Charlotte @ www Netherlands They're all three amazing. And very good actors.
323 Cynthia Ortiz @ www USA I love them!
324 Robyn @ www South Africa Awwwwwww!!! the tightness is stunning!
325 Sierra @ www USA I love them
321 Sagnik Singha @ www India Smashing. Absolutely cracking.
322 Mischaa @ www Poland I love them!
320 Lexie @ www USA Their So Awesome
315 Sabrina - www Finland They're great actors! Still down to earth and normal
316 Chantal - www USA I absolutely LOVE the trio! Each member has a special role in the movies. I love how close Emma, Dan, and Rupert are both on and off screen. You can tell they are all real friends in real life! I support all of them 1000% whether in the HP movies or on th
317 Allee @ www USA Their Awesome
318 Liz - www United Kingdom They truely are amazing. All three of them haven't let fame go to their heads and i really admire that about them. They're so talented and great at what they do and I look forward to seeing them taking on new projects in the future. They're an inspiration
319 Kylie @ www USA OMGILOVETHEM!
306 Lilian Wong @ www Hong Kong -
307 Tiffany @ www USA Love 'em!
308 Amy Shelton @ www USA -
309 Kavitha - www India Luv 'em!!! they're jus so different but luk so adorable 2gether. LUV LUV RUPERT
310 Meghan - www United Kingdom I love the trio and their frienship.
311 Lynnl @ www Netherlands i think they are very good actors
312 Mariam @ www Australia Lovee themm =)
313 Catherine Solis @ www USA They act like more than friends. They act like family. I love their friendship and Britsh accents. :)
314 Gabby - www USA I love them!
303 Melysa Meyer @ www USA love them
304 Kiara @ www Italy I feel happy when I see them...
305 Rossella @ www Italy They're my home
301 Briony @ www England they are all awesoem actors - rupert is really cute !
302 Nisha @ www Sri Lanka They are unique. not always perfect friends which is realistic always overcoming each other's differences. they are the best Ron, Harry & Hermoine I could possibly imagine. it's really hard to part them & picture them as individual persons because they so
300 Tina @ www England -
298 Jen @ www USA Quite obviously, I love them! I think all three of them are great actors, and even more importantly, fantastic role models. Thus far, I've supported them in everything they've chosen to do.
299 Carolina Bachiega @ www Brazil -
296 Janina - www Philippines -
297 Elizabeth Hobdell @ www United Kingdom there all really talented actors
295 Megan Walker @ www USA I think they are very talented.
293 Lou @ www France Rup
294 Amy @ www USA I think they are amazing in every prospect and their freindship and chemistry with eachother is very amazing as well. They're just a lovely group of people that anyone can love and respect.
292 Kaye - www Philippines I really love their friendship. They support each other's decisions in life.
289 Flora - www Sweden They're a so big I just can't explain, they are all just amazing. Dan, Emma & Rupert are stars, and they are shining so bright that I get bedazzled.
290 Michelle @ www USA -
291 Polly - www New Zealand cool
287 Brynne - www USA LOVE them
288 Mandy @ www Canada Support them completely.
284 Theresa @ www USA I love them! The trio, individually and together are so inspiring as people, and I hope that we have the opportunity to learn more about them in the future.
285 Amanda @ www Australia I love them! I think they are wonderful people XD
286 Tim @ www USA They're awesome, I hope they have long careers!
281 Elisabeth @ www Norway I love them all!
282 Royalambition - www Romania i just...love them
283 Marivi @ www Peru they're fantastic!
280 Sara González @ www Mexico I really admire them and respect them. I wish them all the best
278 Trish @ www USA Love em!
279 Andi @ www USA they work wonderfully together and i loff them :D
277 Kaylie Osema @ www England -
276 Melina @ www Germany Love them
274 Charli @ www United Kingdom :)
275 Jena @ www Swaziland -
271 Buket @ www Turkey I love them!!!espicially Rup
272 Lorena @ www Spain -
273 Jenna @ www United Kingdom words cannot explain! simply adore them.
269 Jena @ www USA -
270 Stephanie - www USA there so cool,they seem really close!I wonder what they will do after the harry potter movies?
267 Lauraa @ www Australia i love them HARRY POTTER is awesome
268 Audrey @ www USA I think they're amazing!
266 Bill James @ www USA Very talented young adults
260 Elizabeth @ www USA "Dan,Emma,and Rupert are the most talented actors and actress that I have ever seen"
261 Danča-Emma @ www Czech Republic -
262 Lucy @ www Ireland They are wonderful and we should support them!
263 Ornella @ www Argentina I love them, they're completely amazing and have the best chemistry!! :D
264 Lina @ www Australia They're inspirational.
265 Rochelle @ www Australia I absolutely adore Emma, Dan and Rup, but I understand they deserve their privacy 110%
259 Monica @ www Canada I Love Them!! I Think They Make The Perfect Trio!!
258 Leslieeeeeh @ www USA I ADORE THEM!
256 Howida @ www Egypt i love them,
257 Miranda @ www USA I absolutley love the trio and I think they are the greatest acting trio in movie history.
255 Hilla @ www Finland They are fantastic!
254 Yvonne @ www Germany Lucky^^
253 Ashley @ www USA I love how they have great relationships together and how they are great friends. Even on screen you can see their friendship and how they are really friends and not acting. To me just knowing that they are friends makes their acting even better.
252 Msbigbad @ www USA They make me feel like true friendship is possiable. Being famous doesn't always rip people apart, sometimes it brings them closer.
250 Tanvi @ www India Their frinedship is one that'll be cherished by their fans forever, they show true team spirit. The love that the trio share is amazing and really inspires us to be good friends too..just like Ron, Hermione and Harry.
251 Jessica Hansen @ www Canada It's amazing :)
247 Krista @ www USA They are just amazing. I just love them. They could be people's role models. I look up to them.
248 Elli - www Greece I just luv'em!
249 Sibtain @ www Pakistan They are lovely, I love the trio. They are role model for every friendship!
244 Shana @ www France I love them
245 Melyssa @ www USA I love them
246 Tess Malloy - www USA i'm a huge fan of harry potter and them.
239 Liz @ www USA I feel that they are three very talented young actors, and can't wait to see what there going to do next wither together or apart
240 Amanda @ www Canada I think that they are an amazing group of young people, showing the world what they can do
241 Ava @ www Australia -
242 Hasmik - www Russia i DO love them) i love Harry, Ron and Hermione) and i just adore Rupert, Emma and Daniel) they are very sweet and they do look very nice together)
243 Eric @ www USA love the trio...can connect with them in so many ways love this new generation!
236 Bee @ www Czech Republic they are very inspirational and more grown up than other people their age.
237 Venesa @ www Romania They are the best trio EVER! I love them and support them very much!!!
238 Nixxy - www United Kingdom I LOOOVE the trio as much as I love my family and friends. I am a huge fan of all of them, and I support them as I support my family.
231 Jonelle Grace Buguis @ www Philippines -
232 Reianira Mae Palabay @ www Philippines -
233 Taylor @ www USA -
234 Terizek @ www Czech Republic I love Dan, Rupert and Emma. I am big fan of them. :)
235 Jordan - www USA they are so inspiring and amazing actors/actresses
227 Sissy @ www Greece I love them so much!!
228 Jade - www United Kingdom They ROCK!!!!!!!!!
229 Elizabeth - www England On and off set the chemestry is there, its the most wonderful friendship. Having grown up togeather they seem more like family than just friends. I love them all as individuals and I love them when there all togeather.
230 Laurien @ www USA They are the epitome of awesomeness.
220 Christine Smith @ www USA great actors!
221 Megan @ www USA I love them to pieces
222 Madison - www USA Their genuine support and caring of one another really makes their frienship on- screen and off- screen very prevalent and quite warm and appealing.
223 Mirandel @ www Finland I love them!
224 Mary Kaiser @ www USA remarkable. extraordinary. dazzling.
225 Aliya @ www USA They're awesome, and I love them.
226 Ashley @ www USA I absolutely adore them!!!
212 Emma @ www Netherlands I love their friendship! And they are very good actors ;D
213 Malin @ www Norway I love them
214 Kate @ www USA I really like them very much, they really seem like they are Harry, Ron and Hermione.
215 Martina @ www Croatia IT IS THE BEST!!!!!!!:)
216 Forny Octora Baringbing @ www Indonesia it`s very very good
217 Lydia @ www Australia They work fantasticly together, there is no better 3 than these guys.
218 Catherine @ www USA The trio are truely amazing. They have such great chemistry together and give light to the meaning of true friends.
219 Fruzsina - www Hungary i love them;rupert is my
200 Jeseca @ www USA They are amazing. Expecially Rupert.
201 Georgia - www Australia They are amazing and just so inspiring!
202 Oindrilla Mukherjee @ www India great!
203 Luara @ www Brazil Oh God, I love them!
204 Kiran @ www Canada All 3 of them are so hard working have a great friendship!I love their interaction between each other they are verry supportive of each other.
205 Jens Nilsson @ www Sweden -
206 Maria Mayorga - www USA Such amazing people for everything that they've been through.
207 Stephanie - www Canada -
208 Marte @ www Norway -
209 Joya @ www Canada That they like and support each other and also give each other space to be themselves
210 Ashley - www USA Love 'em!
211 Maggie Mahan @ www USA they r awesome
197 Kristen Shipley @ www USA THERE AWESOME
198 Kaelyn - www Canada I love them! Rupert, Emma and Daniel play their parts perfectly and they have such good chemistry together, on and off-screen.
199 Katelyn @ www USA Wow, I absolutely love them! They are such cool kids! I love how they interact with each other (both in the H.P. movies and in real life) and their chemistry.
194 Kym @ www Canada I absolutely love Dan, Emma and Rupert.
195 Kara @ www USA i love them!!!
196 Princess_twoche @ www Turkey i love them for 6 years...they are really great,cool...i really wanna support them=)
193 Taylor - www USA -
169 Kathryn Oh @ www USA They are amazing
170 Haris @ www Pakistan Really cool
171 Mary @ www USA I dont think words can describe the three of them they are an unbelievable team they really are magical.
172 Serena @ www USA I LOVE them!
173 Tracy - www USA i luv them : ) ( :
174 Sophie @ www Hungary i love them
175 Werca @ www Czech Republic Excellent!=)
176 Amie - www USA love them!
177 Rachael @ www Canada Love them!
178 Maddy @ www United Kingdom I Love Them And Im A Huge Fan Of Them, They're All So Talented, I Respect Them Too! x
179 Erica Arvanitis - www USA i adore them
180 Michela @ www Italy the best team ever!
181 Kasey @ www USA -
182 Maria Pia - www Argentina I love the trio, they are just perfect for each other. They look like real friends
183 Zoe @ www United Kingdom they carry the media pressure and acting responsibilities with amazing maturity and sensibility.
184 Mary @ www Canada I love it!
185 Lenelie @ www Philippines I love them
186 Mona @ www Lebanon the trio r soooooooooo cool
187 Colin @ www USA their incredible
188 Briana - www USA I love them.
189 Danielle - www USA i LOVE them
190 Siobhan - www Papua New Guinea I just love them so much, because you can see that they genuinely care for each other and enjoy each other's compay.
191 Breanna @ www United Kingdom Well i think they are amazing and i love them!! They should always stay together
192 Missy - www USA LOVE THEM
168 Nicole @ www Canada I love them. Alone they are great but together they are amazing! They are all great people.
166 Jen @ www USA i love them so much
167 Evannalynchonline.com @ www Australia they rock...
161 Yvonne @ www Germany Love them!
162 Natasha - www Canada -
163 Stefanie @ www USA We love them to death! They make Harry Potter and everything else they do so spectacular!
164 Rupertgrint.net @ www United Kingdom They truly have a one of a kind relationship and on-screen chemistry that makes watching the Harry Potter films all the more enjoyable!
165 Isabelle,fleur,mira,kate,gina And Kristina @ www Norway I love that they support eachother, and I love their chemestry! They are all really unique and they seems so nice
160 Samantha @ www USA I feel that they all bring their characters to life extremely well and are each uniquely compelling in their own way.
156 Cami @ www USA they are my life and my heros. im actually naming my kid Emma after Emma Watson
157 Leah - www England Unbelievable
158 Hannah Dugas - www USA they are my idols.
159 Janine - www USA Too me, Rupert.Emma.and Dan; are all there own persons. Each of the three brings thier own flavor too the mix. They have that special chemistry that occurs between our favorite magical trio,harry ron and hermione!
153 Miya @ www Hungary -
154 Annisa Rhyzoma Kamal @ www Indonesia What a great site!
155 Ashley @ www USA They have a great friendship.
145 Josué @ www Costa Rica I love them, they have a great friendhip and are great actors too.
146 Felicia - www USA The guys are gorgeous and Emma is beautiful and they have the talent to match.
147 Adrianna @ www USA LOVE THEM...especially RUPERT ;)
148 Daniela @ www USA Omg they are great i love all 3 of them and i espiacally like rupert hes so funny and adorbale
149 Ana @ www USA I love them
150 Claudia @ www Peru they rock!
151 Maizatul @ www Malaysia -
152 Fatima @ www France they are marvellous
136 Syed Abdun Nafay @ www India The are the best actor i have seen in movies
137 Elar Visnapuu @ www Estonia I like them
138 Szandra @ www Hungary I love all of them.
139 Clara @ www Germany -
140 Noortje - www Netherlands I just love them. There's so much chemistry there, it's amazing. They seem to be great friends, which I love.
141 Lauren @ www Northern Ireland I love the trio, they have a brilliant friendhip and are more than just workmates. They are all great role models.
142 Adjii @ www Tunisia love
143 Michelle @ www USA I love all three of them very much!
144 Keke - www USA I love them. Just the way they interact with each other and fit so well is amazing.
125 Shifaa @ www Saudi Arabia I love them, they're very talented and I love their chemistry!
126 Gabriel @ www USA the chemistry between the trio is something that many people look up to, and find comforting. They are the best! :)
127 Annabel - www Australia I love them. They are my idols.
128 Meme - www United Kingdom I just love their friendship and how each of them brings a very special characteristic to each other and to a movie. I just love them!
129 Becky @ www USA Their friendship is really inspiring. It makes you want to be the best person you possibly can be.
130 Kara Rae Kemp - www Canada they are just amazinggg overall.
131 Megan - www Canada -
132 Em @ www Hungary I love them !
133 Cathrine Swift @ www Canada i love them, they show amazing teamwork and support.
134 Martin Nolan @ www United Kingdom I think they are amazing.
135 Ryan @ www USA Love 'em, just love 'em
107 Gigi @ www USA If I could pick any British friends, i'd pick Rupert, Emma, and Daniel. They're all different in many ways, but they seem to have a really nice friendship.
108 Elizabeth - www USA love em
109 Megan B @ www USA I love them and I will be their fan forever
110 Christie @ www Slovakia I love them absolutly, of course;)
111 Pedro @ www USA I love them! They are everything a friendship should be, and they deliver it through the Big Screen aswell.
112 Gaia - www Belgium -
113 Rosie @ www United Kingdom They are brilliant and down to earth
114 Julie Brunet - www Canada Is the best trio ever ! I am a big fan since the begin
115 Leah - www Canada I love them all. They are such amazing actors and good role models.
116 Jackie @ www USA -
117 Djussi @ www Russia -
118 Marion @ www Netherlands They are great together!! like friends.. and ofcourse as actors :D
119 Joyce @ www Belgium I think there're awsome. They are famous all over the world and still this normal. They're such good friends and it'll be sad if they don't have to work with each other anymore!
120 Maylee @ www Canada They kick ass! :D
121 Deborah @ www Belgium They Rock !
123 Abra @ www USA I love them.
124 Sophia @ www USA nothing but love for the golden trio!
100 Samantha @ www USA Love the trio to death. They're really the most precious group of friends ever.
101 Andrea @ www South Africa I admire them. They rock my socks and i will always be a supporter
102 Erica @ www Canada SO talented, love them!! :)
103 Bobby - www USA They are amazing actors and seem like good people. Dan was outstanding in Aquus
104 Harley @ www USA I think that they are great!
105 Sheikha @ www Qatar I'm their girl through and through!
106 Megan @ www USA -
98 Julie @ www France I love them !
99 Funnijes @ www USA LOVE THEM!!!
95 Sheldon @ www USA I freakin' love them! I am opening a network with multiple sites about them! They are my life!
96 Sarah Morris @ www USA they are my life
97 Alexa @ www United Kingdom there fantastic !
91 Carmelle @ www USA i love them, they are the embodiment of friendship, loyalty, trust, and love.
92 Jamie @ www Canada I looooove them.
93 Tayna - www Canada I love them.
94 Dorchy (dóra) @ www Hungary -
84 Miranda Ferguson @ www Canada -
85 Andiii @ www Hungary I love they!
86 Orosz Adrienn @ www Hungary love
87 Camila @ www Brazil Oh, I just love them. They really know who they are and what they're here for. They don't create little argues or stupid things just to show up. They don't take vantage of each other. They support each other no matter what.
88 Ewwatson @ www Hungary -
89 Natalie Deriso - www USA -
90 Nur Fitria Samsuddin @ www Singapore They are awesome bunch...
83 Mandy @ www Iran I love them, and do support them. I hope their friendship goes stronger day by day.
79 Cinthya @ www Mexico They are wonderful, I
80 Kindra @ www USA I think they're amazing. They're so connected as actual friends, it makes the movies ten thousand times more believable. =]
81 Zala - www Slovenia They became a part of my life :) Just amazing TRIO.
82 Sarah @ www Germany -
76 Marjorie @ www USA I Think they are Great to Look Up too
77 Laura - www USA Love them. They're so grounded and ecclectic, and they seem like genuinely fun people.
78 Lorena @ www Spain Admire them since the begining
73 Polly @ www Philippines -
74 Melissa @ www USA They're wonderful. They make me laugh and cheer for them whenever I see any of them in videos or at events!
75 Caro @ www Germany I love them all! I can't pic which one i like most... they are all wonderful people and great actors!
71 Kellie @ www USA They are so cool
72 Ashlea @ www United Kingdom There amazing! enough said :D
68 Aggi Cantrill @ www England Rons my favourite and i am a R/Hr shipper. xxx
69 Geri - www France They're awesome. I just can't describe how much I love them!
70 Linda - www USA They are the greatest trio of this generation.
67 Maria - www USA The Trio is forever, I love them with all my heart.
65 Mel @ www USA I think the trio are just AWESOME!!!
66 Dee @ www United Kingdom They are love:
64 Misty @ www USA -
61 Angelica @ www USA What's most admirable about them is how genuine their bond seems to be. Besides, they did practically grow up together. And for that, I envy them. In turn, will make me incredibly sad to know that after Deathly Hallows is made, there won't be much of them
62 Leena @ www Saudi Arabia I really admire them, and their friendship, the way they treat eachother and support eachother proves that they truly are a team. I support them all the way.
63 Tegan @ www Australia Love em'
58 PrincessWatson.net @ www USA I love them. I think that they are doing a great job!
59 Ting @ www Singapore They're terrific!
60 Katie - www USA -
54 Valerie @ www USA The trio are probably the only "famous" people I know that are actually best friends unlike others.
55 Samantha @ www USA I love them =]
56 Samantha @ www USA i love them =] they are so awesome =]
57 Bug @ www USA -
51 Tracy @ www Hong Kong -
52 Regina @ www Germany I LOVE them. Each of them. They're just something special - and that makes them so cool.
53 Hermymioneuh @ www France They are so cool! And they play Harry Ron and Hermione verry well
49 Veronica @ www USA I just love everything about them. I'm proud of these 3 and all of their accomplishments - past, present, & future
50 Miko @ www Japan cool!!
45 Rebecca @ www Italy they are amazing!!!!!
46 Pattama Phumriew @ www Thailand Looks cool with colours!
47 Rachelle - www Australia -
48 Julie Mary @ www Venezuela I love these kids! I grew up with them, you know? It feels weird thinking that more than 6 years just passed by and... Wow. Well, I love how down-to-earth they are. I love how they treat their fans! I support them 100% and hope that once Harry Potter is o
41 Pantea @ www Iran what can I say more than excellent!
42 Emily Warner @ www USA they are amazing
43 James Phelps Online @ www Germany -
44 Lexie_malfoy @ www Czech Republic I love them so much! They're very talented.
40 Sarah @ www USA I love them!! Absolutely wonderful.
38 Ingvar @ www Poland There's something special in this people. Something extraordinary, which makes them so unique and one-in-the-million! :D
39 Łukasz @ www Poland It's very cool :)
35 Rae-L @ www USA I love them, there role models to everyone and i love them dearly! They're the ideal friends!
36 Jamie Harris @ www USA They are the most amazing group of actors I have ever seen!
37 Hazel @ www USA I love how they're growing up to be level-headed individuals. I'm a bit more protective of Rupert, though!
30 Melda Sener @ www Turkey they are great!! i love dan!!
31 Ann @ www Finland they have that thing what all best friends shold have. I support them 100 %
32 Saki @ www Bangladesh i just love it
33 Irene @ www USA I admire how they support each other through everything. They're a very loveable trio, and I'm sure they'll stay friends for a very long time.
34 Leann @ www USA They make me incredibly happy every time I see them.
29 Unoffical Emma Watson @ www United Kingdom They
24 Ps1021 @ www Hong Kong awesome
25 Thais @ www Brazil -
26 Anna @ www Mexico I just love their chemestry and their friendship, each one it's very unique and brings to the trio a very unique spark, something that makes me love them!
27 Lely @ www Brazil -
28 Sarah @ www United Kingdom The trio are amazing and I support them 100%!
18 Mckenzie @ www Austria Brilliant and a perfect combination.
20 Emma - www USA The work they put into the movies is amazing.
21 Lauren @ www United Kingdom I think they're an incredibly talented young trio and they're role models for every teenager and I have so much respect for each of them.
22 Anni @ www Finland I really admire them because they aren't like all the others celebritys. They don't act like big celebritys they leave just normal life like us. They are having this real friendship going on. And I think they friendship is so strong that will continue eve
23 Chelsie @ www England they are all great actors, and even better people.
13 Marie @ www Canada They are amazing
14 Allison, Kaetlyn, Karly And Lynn @ www Canada I really admire how strong and genuine their bond is. I'm sure that most people in their situation would become very competitive, but they honestly do support each other in every possible way. Like you've said they really seem like a team and it's a great
15 Fallon - www USA They're amazing and gorgeous!
16 Allie @ www USA i love them!i think they are great actors and i love harry potter!
17 Chelsea @ www Canada -
10 Aileen - www USA They've gone through a LOT these years, and we need to support them! Give it up to the trios!
11 Mirris @ www Czech Republic I love them.
12 Krisztina @ www Hungary I just LOVE them! They're real friends, and it's just cool, because nowadays you just don't know who are your real friends.
4 Lauren @ www Australia I love them, they are so inspiring
5 Joyce @ www Hong Kong amazing
6 Juliet @ www USA I love them!! I am Proud of them and I hope they continue in there freindship. Even after the series is over.
7 Gaby @ www USA I love them!!
8 Madelene @ www Norway I admire the trio so much for their skills, and how the are so down-to-earth despite their fame..
9 Lauren @ www USA Their pretty awesome
3 Nathalia @ www Colombia I really love them all, specially rupert.
1 Amanda @ www USA You hear about fights with co-stars and cast feuds. With Dan, Emma, and Rupert, I think it's like the opposite. You actually get a sense that they are a team and the things you see behind the scenes just supports how strong their friendship really is.
2 Lohanonline.com @ www USA Rupert's talent is underappreciated and it's his role as Ron that really highlights his ability. Harry Potter has been a wonderful showcase of talent for the three.

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