Can Gua Sha really tell you about disease?

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Skin scraping is a traditional Chinese therapy that when the name comes up, People who know her often think of seeing red rashes of various shades on the skin and cries of pain that are certain to indicate the pain caused by the gua sha.

Sweeping or scraping of the skin. To find poison or indicate disease occurring within According to traditional Chinese medicine Gua Sha will help detox toxins in the body through the skin and increase oxygen to various tissues. Relieves aches and pains, tension, headaches, Office Syndrome, and treats various diseases. Including helping with beauty enhancement, reducing wrinkles, slowing down aging as well.

Gua Sha scraping or Gua Sha sweeping This involves using a slightly curved, smooth, and slippery device, such as a jade stone, metal spoon, metal coin, to put weight on the painful area. or the area that needs treatment and gently scrape up and down, which can be scraped directly onto the skin. Or you can scrape it through your clothes. Until a scratch appears, then move the scraping position. Generally, scrape each position 10-50 times.

It is said ทางเข้า ufabet that gua sha scraping is like an x-ray of the body. Because if any part of the body is abnormal or toxic, when scraping the gua sha it will cause a “sha” or red spot and a red rash. It is these shades that indicate the severity of the illness. But if you are in good health and not sick, no matter how many times you scrape the area, no redness will appear. Chinese doctors consider This is the magic of Gua Sha.

What can the colors from Gua Sha tell you?

Various colored spots or rashes caused each position Can indicate the severity of the toxins accumulated in the body. or symptoms of illness in the body Just like the color created by cupping.

  • No marks or pink tint means good health.
  • Red patches mean that toxins are beginning to accumulate in the body.
  • Red blotches and dots mean there is a moderate amount of toxins accumulate in the body.
  • Dark red and bruised means there is a high level of accumulated poison.
  • Red and bruised to the point of purple or black means there is a lot of accumulated toxins to the point where cells have mutated. Or have a chance of having cancer

Traces from Gua Sha How many days until it disappears?

Generally, spots or rashes of various colors That caused by gua sha. Will gradually fade away on its own within 3-7 days. How long does this take sooner or later depends on the colored rash that occurs? The faint pink color will heal as quickly as possible. The darker the color, the longer it will take.

However, after using Gua Sha, there may be muscle pain in those who do not exercise often. Or feeling tired Worried about the inflammation that occurs in the body. Paracetamol can be taken according to the recommend dosage. These symptoms generally improve within 1-2 days.