Edema,foods to reduce swelling Expels excess sodium from the body.

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Edema occurs when the condition of the human body is out of balance. Especially in the morning when you wake up you will feel uncomfortable in your stomach area. upper arms and thighs Even though during that time the body has not eaten anything at all. Or when we look in the mirror and observe ourselves, we will find that The face becomes larger or swollen Or it may be found in other areas such as around the eyes, legs, lungs, and abdomen.

This symptom is caused by the fluid inside the human body penetrating into various spaces. in cells within the body This will prevent blood and lymph from flowing normally. Therefore causing the condition of edema to occur. Edema can be caused by fluid retention. or lymph But most cases are caused by fluid retention. In addition, edema may also be an indication of kidney disease. If left untreated, it may cause obesity later on.

How to check for edema? 

UFABET believe that many people may be confused about the difference between edema and obesity. Because whether it’s edema or obesity, it makes the body enlarge as well. We can easily check for edema. That is, use your finger to press down on the swollen area of ​​your body and hold for about 15-20 seconds. If you lift your finger, The skin in that area became dimpled. This condition is called edema. But if you press it and it doesn’t shrink, the skin is still tight and tight, that means you’re fat.

What causes edema? 

Edema is fluid leaking from the blood vessels in the body. This causes the tissue in that area to swell. Edema can occur for a number of different reasons:


  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease, cirrhosis
  • severe protein deficiency
  • The thyroid gland is not functioning properly.
  • Lymph nodes are not functioning properly.

Allergy to certain drugs

  • Anti-inflammatory medicine
  • steroid medicine
  • Medicine to treat diabetes, high blood pressure , etc.

Other causes

  • pregnancy
  • Premenstrual symptoms or hormonal changes
  • Radiation to treat cancer
  • Eating spicy, salty, spicy food, etc.

Foods to reduce edema Urgently expel sodium


         Tomatoes are rich in lycopene. and high potassium Therefore, it helps to urinate very well. Helps reduce edema in the body It also has properties that help control the balance of fluid in cells. and tissues well as well


         Avocado is another food that reduces fluid retention. that has good fatty acids and high potassium Has higher protein than other fruits. High in dietary fiber and can be dissolved in water Therefore helps in digestion in the stomach well. Does not cause excess acid in the stomach and when digestion improves Excretion is also better.


         Pineapple is rich in vitamins and minerals that help in diuresis. Foods to reduce edema It also has the ability to help digest protein foods well. Helps relieve constipation Reduce symptoms of constipation Good for the digestive system


         Kiwi, a food that reduces water retention Because it is rich in potassium. Helps to urinate Kiwis also contain the enzyme actinidin, which is a natural enzyme that helps in the digestion of protein. Kiwis also contain soluble dietary fiber. Can help digest food well. Prevent bloating And constipation is also good.